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What's this site all about then?

Put in simple terms it's about the escapades of an opinionated old fart on a BMW.
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Although I had several bikes when I was younger, and have always been involved with various motorcycle sports, I had not owned a motorcycle for over 30 years. Then, at an age when most sensible people are hanging up their leathers, I decided to return to two wheels.
In addition to my ramblings, which seem to become more frequent and less coherent with age, this site will contain reviews of products that I feel may be of interest, and videos of my exploits.

Why The Troshin' Beemer?

Although born 'in the smoke', since 1966 I have lived in Norfolk. Anyone from this county will be familiar with the phrase "Dew yew keep a troshin' bor". This is a common saying to wish someone goodbye, to say 'look after yourself mate' or 'take care boy'. It's direct translation is 'Keep you threshing boy' and is therefore sometimes also used to say 'keep on going' or 'keep on at it'. Given the nature of the activities covered by this site, this seemed particularly appropriate, as I need my BMW (Beemer) to 'keep on going', and I need to 'keep on at it'.

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Following the purchase of a new R1250RT the site is undergoing a major revamp.
Please Call back soon.